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The Peach Tree

Angus Maiden

The Peach Tree is the independent artistry of musician / composer / producer Angus Maiden from Melbourne, Australia. His stylistically diverse, lyrically driven works stretch the boundaries of contemporary notions of genre and style. Citing influences of "Life, people and experiences", The Peach Tree releases all of his works completely free under a Creative Commons license. Enjoy.


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The Peach Tree 20
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Marie Craven 1
Melbourne 1
Melbournian 1
Pixieguts 1
Ragnarok 1
The Black Veil 1
The End of the World 1
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The Taint Of Saidin 1
The Vases EP 1
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True Will 1
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The Peach Tree
by The Peach Tree
Magick, in the broadest sense, is any act designed to cause intentional change. This spelling of the word was coined by Aleister Crowley, adding the 'k' to distinguish it from stage magic and other practices. He defined the term as "the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with the will." By this, he included "mundane" acts of will as well as ritual magic. Everything from banking to growing carrots can be considered "magick", yet in today's...
Topics: The Peach Tree, Magick, Dark, Light, Black Magick, White Magick, Blue Magick, Thelema, Aleister...
The Peach Tree
by The Peach Tree
I'm not a big fan of "singles" in the music world. I've always preferred to release albums with a concept or theme. But a lot of you ask me to show you "The best tracks" from my multitude of albums, so I have compiled this selection of 21 songs that are, as of 14th February 2012 (Valentines Day), what I consider the best of the best of The Peach Tree. I could have called this album "A Bunch of Singles on Valentines Day" - How witty would that have been! But I'm...
Topics: The Peach Tree, indie, electronic, rock, alternative, progressive, progressive rock, prog rock,...
The Peach Tree
by The Peach Tree
As computers become increasingly more advanced we are seeing more and more signs that true artificial intelligence will be acheived someday soon, ie. computers that have self-awareness. We created this technology, we humans are the God of a new sentient life-form in the making. This raises many questions and points of contention, mainly the argument that computers will never truly acheive self-awareness as they don't have "souls". Others would argue that God is such a vast concept...
( 2 reviews )
Topics: The Peach Tree, concept album, album, free, free download, open source audio, creative commons, we...
The Peach Tree
by The Peach Tree
A concept album about love, death, sex and drugs, tinged with regret and loneliness, and shaded by blue skies. This is not the best example of The Peach Tree's vocal abilities but is certainly one of the best albums as far as songwriting goes, and each song segues into the next, making "Fabric" a beautiful tapestry of interwoven styles and textures.
Topics: The Peach Tree, fabric, concept album, metal, classical, pop, rock, blues, fusion, alternative,...
The Peach Tree
by The Peach Tree
"The Tao is empty, yet use will not drain it. Deep, it is like the ancestor of the myriad creatures. Blunt the sharpness Untangle the knots; Soften the glare; Let your wheels move only along old ruts. Darkly visible, it only seems as if it were there. I know not whose son it is. It images the forefather of God." -Lao Tzu, from the Tao Te Ching Tao is the Chinese philosophical concept of The Way, the embodiment of the ebb and flow of yin and yang, of Darkness and Light, the unification...
Topics: creative commons, free, concept album, The Peach Tree, unsigned, music, progressive rock,...
The Peach Tree
by The Peach Tree
12 tracks of electronica mayhem. A beautiful, disturbing, melodic and hard hitting album. A trip to the furthest, most frenetic corners of a fragile mind. Entrancing and enigmatic, this progressive album will blow your socks off.
Topics: trance, psy-trance, psytrance, psy trance, techno, electro, electronic, electronica, music, the...
The Peach Tree
by The Peach Tree
"Creatures of the night, come journey with me. Thy sword sheathed, thy lips parted, we shall kiss the shadows, dance with Death, and Revel in Insanity."
( 2 reviews )
Topics: The Peach Tree, revel, music, album, audio, free, creative commons, dark, lyrical, poetic,...
Why the title? Events around the world are literally tearing apart the Earth. Sure, we can attribute the observation of "much more commotion" in the world to more intense media coverage, increased capacity for and types of communication, etc. Yet there is no doubt in my mind a change is coming, and that surely the spiralling of the globe into a seeming state of Chaos is the precursor to something huge. People talk a lot about the date 21st December 2012 and the Mayan Prophecies...
Topics: electronic indie rock, rock, alternative rock, alternative-rock, alt rock, alt-rock, indie rock,...
The Peach Tree
by The Peach Tree
5 short pieces of classical music involving piano and strings, made on request for The Peach Tree's biggest fan, Bunni3.
Topics: The Peach Tree, Fur Bunni3, music, free music, free, creative commons, open source audio,...
The Peach Tree
by The Peach Tree
Ghosts are real. They are the residue of people, places and experiences as they exist in the present. There is only the moment, the Now. The future is not yet seen, and the past only exists in memories. Ghosts are our memories. They haunt us and yet show us the Path at the same time. So what are ghosts of Muses? They are the residual taint left in the memory and soul of a person, of something that was once very important, very inspiring. This album was created in an intense two-week period of...
Topics: The Peach Tree, electronic indie rock, electronic, indie, rock, alternative, progressive,...
Failure playing Art in the dress rehearsal for The Apocalypse The Peach Tree, aka. Angus Maiden, possesses a voice that is the antithesis of auto-tune; the sounds you hear are what your average untrained 25-year old male larynx emits. There is plenty of failure here, he doesn't hit the notes, he can't sustain, doesn't project, and his attempts at different styles of singing such as death metal screams are pitiful. Yet in the voice's raw, natural, unprocessed essence there is an expressiveness...
Topics: Ragnarok, Apocalypse, The End of the World, Armageddon, Art, Creative Commons, free, free download,...
The Peach Tree
by The Peach Tree
After 5 years, 9 LPs, and 4 EPs of free music, Angus Maiden aka. The Peach Tree has released his 10th self-titled concept album through his new net label Tribal Dancing Kid. By naming the album "The Peach Tree" Angus is making a statement, that what you hear is what the years of exploring the intricate world of music have been all about. About roller-coaster rides through many different styles. About Dark and Light music interwoven yet opposing each other in a delicate dance of Life...
Topics: alternative, rock, alternative rock, indie, indietronica, rocktronica, electronica, alternative...
The Peach Tree
by The Peach Tree
A 6 track EP entitled "Dichalcitryde", a made up word that has a meaning similar to "running through the night sky tiptoe-ing on clouds whilst being persued by a pack of wolves playing nintendos who's half-arsed attempts at biting you in the bottom leave you falling about in rapturous laughter whilst gazing at the moon waning at the speed of light". No further explanation of this EP is needed.
Topics: The Peach Tree, Dichalcitryde, music, free music, creative commons, open source audio,...
The Peach Tree
by The Peach Tree
Track Listing: 01 - Let Me Tell You A Tale 02 - Coming Out Of The Coffin 03 - I Let A Demon Inside 04 - I'm Sorry (The Turning) 05 - On This Summer's Day 06 - The Day I Let The Darkness In 07 - I Hide My Eyes Away 08 - Live Longer (Love Lingers) 09 - Interview 10 - Dreams 11 - From Edward Cullen to Twilight Girl 12 - Existential 13 - Lift The Black Veil Synopsis: The concept of this album swelled up within my subconscious as a need to express that which inhabits the collective consciousness of...
Topics: The Peach Tree, Lift The Black Veil, music, concept album, album, The Black Veil, vampires,...
The Peach Tree
by The Peach Tree
Most of my works up until now could easily have been called "A Scrapbook". People often ask me how I'm so prolific (as I release my 18th album). It is because I rarely screen my own material. I learned very early not to second-guess what comes out in the creative process. It forms from the subconscious for a reason, and if the artist desires to share his or her work with the world, then there is no point censoring, altering or deleting tracks that "might not work" - that's...
Topics: The Peach Tree, 96Khz, 96 Khz, 24bit, 24 bit, high quality, ultra high quality, .wav, .wavs,...
The Peach Tree
by The Peach Tree
This was the first album released by The Peach Tree whilst the project was in its early stages and had more members. It was named "The Gus Sessions" both because it was Angus' solo stuff, and because there were plans to release accompanying solo efforts under the other band member's names: mainly "The Cooney Sessions". The band never got around to recording anything together though, or releasing any more band member's material, so as The Peach Tree morphed into Angus' solo...
Topics: The Peach Tree, music, creative commons, free, free music, The Gus Sessions, album, free download,...
The Peach Tree
by The Peach Tree
This collection of works began as the "rejects" that didn't fit into The Peach Tree's latest concept album. He tossed a coin to see if he would release it as a seperate entity or completely forget about it. He picked tails, it came up heads, but as always with these things that's when he realised he really did want to release it. The title pretty much sums up the album: a subtle sense of humour with an underlying current of "actual emoness". The word emo has evolved from...
Topics: The Peach Tree, free, free download, open source audio, creative commons, album, acoustic, pop, my...
The Peach Tree
by The Peach Tree
The Taint Of Saidin is the twenty-somethingth release by solo artist Angus Maiden (aka. The Peach Tree or Gamoneterik) The album, the title of which is inspired by Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" novel series, sees Angus' ever spiralling madness coalescing disparate textures and moods into an elaborate, non-radio-friendly contradanse. Galavanting about in electronica mayhem only to segue into chilled guitar grooves and moving into post-rock spoken word progressive tomfoolery, The...
Topics: The Peach Tree, The Taint Of Saidin, Gamoneterik, psychedelic, trippy, weird, progressive, rock,...
The Peach Tree
by The Peach Tree
Marie Craven aka. Pixieguts is a dear friend, amazing person and beautiful singer. This track, uploaded as two slightly different versions, is a homage to her. Enjoy.
Topics: The Peach Tree, single, MP3, Marie Craven, Marie, Pixieguts, 320Kbps, 320Kbps Mp3, free, creative...
The Peach Tree
by The Peach Tree
An EP called "Vases" for the following reasons: -It sounds cool -The bass on some of the tracks will break all the vases in your house if you turn it up loud enough -Like a vase, each track is beautiful and formidably tangible, yet so fragile it feels like it will crumble at more than the slightest touch -Like a collection of vases, these tracks may be seen as tacky by some but a work of genius by others.
Topics: The Peach Tree, The Vases EP, vases, free music, free, creative commons, open source audio,...
The Peach Tree
by The Peach Tree
There's no denying that Angus Maiden has delusions of grandeur. The Melbourne producer's music, with its shifting genres, complex ideas and non-radio-friendly sound, has invited both critical acclaim and harsh dismissal in droves. Working under the alias "The Peach Tree", Angus works on a conceptual album basis, threading together different streams of thought into lyrically cohesive yet stylistically disparate works. With a fair following on the net gained through almost 20 EP and LP...
Topics: The Peach Tree, pop, avant garde, avant pop, acoustic, progressive, rock, indie, electronic,...
The Peach Tree
by The Peach Tree
This collection of works began as the "rejects" that didn't fit into The Peach Tree's latest concept album. He tossed a coin to see if he would release it as a seperate entity or completely forget about it. He picked tails, it came up heads, but as always with these things that's when he realised he really did want to release it. The title pretty much sums up the album: a subtle sense of humour with an underlying current of "actual emoness". The word emo has evolved from...
Topics: The Peach Tree, album, creative commons, open source audio, free, free music, my online diary,...